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Child Safe Standards


The Grahamvale Sports Club Inc. wishes to record photographic and/or video images of your child for the purposes of:


  • Club promotional material (electronic or print)


The Club nor any of its servants, agents or volunteers will:

  1. Not use the photographs/videos for any other purpose than that stated above.
  2. Not use them in any manner that is in breach of the law or the Safe Sport Framework.
  3. Not record any personal or identifying information about the persons in the photographs/videos together with such photographs or videos.
  4. Retain possession of the originals in a secure location and not publish or distribute any part or all of them without your consent.
  5. Ensure that any such personal or identifying information collected will always remain confidential.


If you have any concerns about the taking or use of the photographs/videos, please contact:


Carla Dixon or Bree Findlay

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All information on this sheet is confidential. Access to this sheet is limited to President, Secretary + Coach.

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