Providing the best sporting opportunities to all kids and parents here at Grahamvale Sports Club

Grahamvale Sports Club strives to provide opportunities for everyone in our school community to participate in healthy, safe, and inclusive activities in a fun and family orientated environment. 

We know that only six out of every 10 children between five and 14 years participates in sports outside of school[1]despite evidence demonstrating the value physically, mentally, and socially for children’s early participation.


Grahamvale Sport Club is dedicated to running a 2023 program that reduces the real and perceived barriers to children’s participation – time, cost, and complexity. The School Play Program overcomes these barriers by offering low-cost programs, within school hours, with easy enrolment process so every child at Grahamvale Primary School can engage.

To support the Play Program, and the costs of our weekend soccer and netball competitions, we are seeking the support of business sponsors, who can help us cover costs associated with delivering opportunities to our children.

As we are a local community sports club, our major source of revenue is generated from membership fees and donations received from generous individuals and businesses. These funds are then reinvested into the club for the benefit of all Grahamvale Primary Schools students and families.

The Grahamvale Sports Club is managed by dedicated volunteer staff, all of whom tirelessly provide their skills, time, and assistance to ensure the club can offer a variety of structured programs.

At our AGM on Thursday 9th February, we welcomed many new families on to the committee. We are thrilled to have the support of 24 individuals, the largest number in Grahamvale Sports Club’s history, dedicating their time and skills to assist the Club to thrive in 2023.

After two years of pandemic related restrictions, and the challenges of floods in 2022, we are looking forward to experiencing an uninterrupted agenda of activities for our children this year.